Kay Shore, Intuitive Bodyworker and Chronic Pain Specialist

Intuitive Bodywork blends many techniques, including Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Medical Acupuncture, to treat a range of Pain Conditions. 

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I work with clients to release areas of restriction, tension and pain within the body.

I work on a physical, spiritual, emotional, intuitive and energetic level.

I regularly work with clients who have medically diagnosed chronic pain conditions.

At the first treatment I explore your ‘body history’ and the areas of discomfort and pain within your body. From this, I can assess your needs, treat you holistically and provide you with the tools to continue to heal yourself.

I offer Hands-on, Drug Free treatment.

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Freedom from Chronic Pain

Bodywork can be an excellent drug free way of treating pain.

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Can I help you?

Please click here to see a list of conditions that can be treated. If your condition is not listed here, please contact me to find out if I can help you.

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Your Questions, Answered

Find out what to wear and what you can expect in terms of recovery.

Your body is trying to tell you something.

My goal is to help you discover what it is and to restore your body to its natural, healthy state.

I have discovered through my work with a broad range of clients, that using a combination of mind and body techniques opens the way to very powerful and successful treatment experiences.

This approach to treatment can result in decreased pain and discomfort, freer movement within the body, as well as healthier lifestyle and positive emotional changes.

Kay’s Intuitive Bodywork

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Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy helps to alleviate the stress, pain and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. It can lead to very effective recovery and enhanced performance.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy can really help with decreasing pain and is a natural, drug-free way of managing pain and stress. The good news is that you can learn to do trigger point therapy on yourself. It is simple, easy and effective.

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) can alleviate tension, restrictions and adhesions in order to restore balance and function. It is used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial aches, pains, tension and restrictions.

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Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into trigger points within a muscle to release tension and pain, resulting in relaxation during treatment, and powerful results afterwards.

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Deep Tissue Massage

For those who want to ‘feel the massage’. Deep Tissue massage aims to treat specifically by sinking deep into the tissue, slowly moving through the fibres and ‘ironing out the tissue’.

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Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage can induce a deep state of relaxation, particularly beneficial if you are stressed or anxious, resting and calming the mind.

Find out what Kay’s Intuitive Bodywork can do for you!

Treating Clients in Eastbourne, Hastings & Brighton

60 Minute Initial Consultation/ Treatment


Please note: the initial consultation includes discussion, assessment and treatment. If you have a chronic condition and a lot of information to discuss, it may be worth considering a 90 minute appointment.

Hot Stone Signature Treatment 1 Hour £80.00

In this deeply restorative treatment, hot stones are applied to warm up the body before using a blend of myofascial release and deep tissue massage to relax and restore you.

 Appointment Options

40 minutes                £50.00

60 minutes                £70.00

90 minutes                £105.00

120 minutes                £130.00

One session may be enough to help you on your way. It also may not be. Everyone responds differently.

The length and type of sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the client. I use a bespoke approach, as I believe everyone carries pain in the body for different reasons and in different ways.

What Kay’s clients say

I believe what makes Kay different from other Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers is her intuitive ability to know where there is a problem in the body and how to treat it; I would not go to anyone else for my own treatments, or let anyone else treat my daughter. Kay has a gift!

Kay has been helping and supporting my strength & conditioning training for over a year now and I’m truly thankful. Her treatments are always exactly what’s needed – whether working on old injuries, current niggles or simply better movement. There’s a quantitative feel & ‘train better’ that comes from seeing Kay, are you ready?

I’ve now been seeing Kay for a couple of months and with various treatments the results have been amazing not only physically but mentally as well, my back/hip is the best it’s been since I can remember, I’m back light training and work is back to normal. I can’t recommend Kay enough. Brilliant from day 1!

Thank you so much Kay. You clearly know your stuff, and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Kay has an incredible intuition and can locate pain and tension that you are unaware exists.  She is always very positive, supportive and empowering, offering a very personal, unique approach that incorporates all aspects of life. I cannot recommend Kay enough and do so knowing that any treatment journey with her will be a very positive and successful one.

Having had a treatment from Kay, I was impressed with her history taking and her ability to define what I needed. I felt the massage was thorough and she found issues I hadn’t identified and was able to give advice post-treatment. This included stretches and rehab exercises. I am happy to recommend her.

I would highly recommend Kay and her treatments; she is very skilled in assessing the areas that need releasing; she has the intuition and sensitivity to know exactly where to work and the pressure required to allow the body to release the tension it is holding. The results for me are greater range of movement and freedom from any pain or restriction when I am running.

Kay is a lovely person who listens, considers and only then treats. I will always be grateful to her and hope she will agree to treat me should the need arise in the future. She is a great source of advice and will recommend other therapists should treatment be out of her field of expertise. A Gem!

Having undergone several medical procedures to get to the root cause of my pain, it was only when I starting seeing Kay that things progressed. Kay’s sympathetic and caring nature made me feel relaxed whilst being treated. Her knowledge and thinking outside the box improved my symptoms almost immediately! Thank you so much Kay for sorting me out!

I am exceptionally happy with the results and relieved that I did not need invasive treatment in order to recover from my injury as my doctor had initially suggested. Kay is a very professional therapist with exceedingly good knowledge in her chosen field. I would recommend her to my friends, family and clients.