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What do I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. During the first session Kay may ask you undress to your underwear, if this is comfortable for you, in order to carry out a visual assessment. This is not mandatory. If you are more comfortable in shorts and a vest top/t-shirt, you are more than welcome to change into them. If you would rather not have a visual assessment at all, this is totally fine and we can work around it. The main thing is that you are comfortable. If you have concerns about the visual assessment please chat to Kay about it during the initial discussion. During the treatment it is usual for you to undress to your underwear, however you will be covered by a towel at all times.

How long is the initial consultation and what does it involve?

The initial consultation lasts about 75 mins. During this initial meeting Kay likes to get a feel for what is really going on. She will investigate your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being and the patterns and processes that have led to your pain condition. This will involve open discussion, but you do not have to talk about anything you do not wish to. This is a safe space for you.

After our initial chat, Kay may ask you for a visual assessment. This will involve undressing to your underwear or whatever you are comfortable with.

A thorough treatment will take place lasting about 45-minutes, depending on your condition. This is another opportunity for Kay to thoroughly assess and gain insight into what is happening for you and the best way to encourage recovery.

Following your treatment Kay may give you some home-care, this will take approximately 15 minutes and will be based around discussion, education and practise. She will take into account your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs and may involve practical, emotional and lifestyle advice.

How quickly should I expect to feel better?

It depends! Everyone is different and at Shore Massage and Bodywork we treat everyone as unique. Some people can expect to feel a change straight away… others do take longer. Changes and improvement in well-being are dependent on a number of factors including lifestyle, stress, emotional and physical factors. Therefore, it depends! Feel free to discuss your unique situation with Kay!

How often do I need to see Kay?

It depends! There is no right or wrong. You may only need to see her once and this may be enough. People need support in different ways so whilst one person may feel the benefit of one treatment alone and encouraged to continue with their home-care, another person may feel the benefit of a regular treatment and support. This can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 6 weekly – whatever suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. Together a tailor made treatment plan will be forged.

Will the treatment hurt?

With Sports Massage it isn’t uncommon to feel some sort of ‘uncomfortable’ sensation. This can range from a feeling of discomfort, pressure or pain, however many would describe this as ‘good’ pain. It can feel good to have someone work on the areas that have been causing you so much pain and discomfort. With Myofascial release, due to its nature of ‘stretching’ the fascia with certain techniques, it can feel like a chinese burn or that a finger nail is scratching you, but it can also feel very releasing and satisfying to feel like you are being stretched and released. With the acupuncture needles, you may feel a sharp scratch initially, a hot sensation or a feeling of warmth and relaxation! How you respond to treatment can vary, everyone’s tolerance levels are different, therefore we work within your pain threshold. Kay normally tries to work below your level of 7 out of 10 (10 being extremely painful and not somewhere we want to go!) but we can discuss this at the beginning of your session. Using breathe work can really help to relax you during the session. The more relaxed you are, the more effective the treatment will be and we bear that in mind.

Do I have to talk about emotional stuff, I just want a treatment!

No of course you don’t! Not everyone is comfortable disclosing their life! Kay works with you to find out what it is you want from the session and tailors it to suit you. If you want to lie down for an hour that is not a problem!